Focus on the design and production of fruit and vegetable packa
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Focus on the design and production of fruit and vegetable packaging
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Dongguan City gelepack Co . ltd,located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Zhangmutou Yin Ling Road, strategic location, over the years has been "timely and efficient, quality, cheap, quality service" for the purpose of winning more ......
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  • Dongguan City gelepack Co . ltd,has advanced automatic molding machine, semi-automatic molding machine, folding machine, punching machine, metal punching machine, from small to large can be natural production. The main production of a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, snack foods and other packaging. According to the specific requirements of each customer, the best combination of recommendations and consumer needs, we continue to innovate to provide four to five new packages for customers to choose every month.

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